Word list of photographs in Landscape, Nature and Recreation Galleries

Landscape Galleries List
     Flathead River below Kerr Dam near Polson, Montana. Flathead Lake after sunset. North Fork of the Flathead River outside of Glacier National Park, rocky shoreline. Island Lake in Seeley Swan valley, glass smooth surface as sunrise touches peaks of Mission Mountains. Sunlight on Mission Mountains and Mission Valley near St. Ignatius, Montana. Ice and snow on the shore of the Bitterroot River in winter, near Missoula, Montana. The Helmet, a rocky mountain peak in the Madison Range south of Ennis, Montana. Full moon rising over the Mission Mountains in western Montana. Sun set and balsamroot flowers on the east front of the Rocky Mountains near Augusta, Montana. Hoodoos on shore of  Marias River in northern Montana. Sunset over Flathead Lake in summer. Old barn and Mission Mountains near Ronan, Montana. Snow capped Peaks of the Missions in spring time with willow trees in foreground. Missouri River and Missouri River Breaks below UL Bend in eastern Montana. Sunset over Missouri River above Fort Peck Reservoir. Reflections of snow and mountains in East Fork of Rock Creek Reservoir. Flathead Lake and shore line. Rural Montana road during a summer rain storm. Harvest season in western Montana, hay bales and peaks of the Anaconda Pintler Mountains. Lima Peaks and rolling foothills in southwest Montana. Lima Peaks and aspen trees at sunset. Rugged peaks overlapping in Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana. Sunset over Garnet Mountains, pastel colors of sky. Ranch scene in Bitterroot Valley with red barn and autumn color and Bitterroot Mountains. Pink sunset in Bitterroot Mountains. Mission Mountains in winter after a fog bank left heavy frost line on the sides of the mountains. Sunlight skimming across the foothills in western Montana. View of the Smith River from inside a cave in the cliffs. Sun spotlights the Pintler Mountain peaks and the fields. Sophie Lake near Kalispell, Montana. Lima Peaks glowing in sunlight with a dark sky. Fireweed flowers above Heart Lake in the Great Burn area of western Montana. Rainbow and rural road on the east front of the Rocky Mountains in Montana. Mission Mountains and golden hills of the Bison Range. Como Peaks in the Bitterroot Mountains above Como Lake. Clouds and Mission Mountains at sunset. Warren Peak in the Anaconda Pintler Range. Rainbow over plains in Montana. East Fork of Rock Creek and Flint Creek Range of mountains. Kerlee Lake and Bitterroot Mountains. Foothills and mountains from the Mission Valley in Montana. Clouds and Mission Mountain Peaks. Cliffs and mountains in the Bitterroots near Bear Creek Overlook. Coral Fence on ranch, frost covered trees and brush and grass. Early snowfall in the mountains of western Montana in the Lolo National Forest, golden larch trees. Missouri River Breaks and grass hills. Golden hillsides and Snowbowl ski area above Missoula, Montana. Snow covered trees and mountains. Rolling hills in western Montana. Arrow Leaf Balsamroot flowers and the hills of the National Bison Range. Boat dock in Flathead Lake. Sun setting over Flathead Lake in northwest Montana. Old barn and mountains. Wheat field and mountains in western Montana. Rail fence and Bitterroot Mountains. Trapper Peak in Bitterroot Mountains. Bull elk in a large meadow in Yellowstone National Park. Cliff side at Bear Creek Overlook in the Bitterroot Mountains. Chinese Wall at sunrise in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Mountain Peaks of Glacier National Park in Montana. Orange sky and clouds at sunset. Fall color on shore of Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park. Reflections in lake surface, Lake MacDonald in Glacier Park. Bison Herd in valley in Yellowstone National Park. Full moon in winter and mountains with alpenglow. Pray Lake in Two Medicine Valley of Glacier National Park in northern Montana. Snowcapped mountain peak lit by sun. Winter moon and snow covered hills. Missouri Breaks sunset. Hills and grass and mountains. East Fork of Rock Creek. Sun spot on Mountains in Pintler Range. Aqua color of Flathead Lake. Gateway Gorge and Fireweed in Bob Marshall Wilderness. Sunlight shining on the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Rainbow and Haystack Butte on the east front of the rockies. Sunlight on the Bitterroot River Valley. Mission Mountain Peaks. Cliffs of the Chinese Wall. Mission Valley and mountains. Autumn colored trees & Bitterroot River in Hamilton, Montana.

Nature Galleries List
     Moonrise and Mission Mountains. arrow leaf balsamroot flower. camas flower in meadow. wild roses and rose bus in Lolo National Forest. Pink sky and clouds with tree silhouetted against sky. Yellow columbine wildflower  pink pedals. Mission Creek flowing. Red color of sticky geranium leaf in fall. Full moon and clouds.  aspen leaf and leaf veins. Raindrops hanging on branch. Sunlight touching the tops of golden larch trees in autumn in western Montana. Heart shape melted into ice on Kootenai Creek in Bitterroot Mountains. Cattail seed heads at Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. Yellow Bells or Yellow Fritillary flowers blooming. Service Berry blossoms. Balsamroot. Bitterroot flower blossom. Camas flowers &  logs of rail fence in Big Hole Valley in Montana. Sunlight on tree tops at Chinese Wall in Bob Marshall Wilderness. Yellow Bell blooming in spring snow. Lupine flowers after a forest fire in the Bitterroot National Forest, burned logs. Red heart shaped fungus on Mountain Maple leaf. Center of a balsamroot flower blossom. Cirrus clouds pattern. Pasque flower blossom. Yellow Bell, yellow fritillary wildflower. Balsamroot flower field on east front. Yellow flower petal and leaf of arrow leafed balsamroot plant. Wild roses in forest. Indian paintbrush flowers. Reflections in surface of Fuse Lake in the Sapphire Mountains in western Montana. Pebbles in bottom of Rock Creek in Missoula, Montana. Orange aspen leaf. Larch forest in october, fall color, Lolo National Forest. Frost covered pine needles and branches of Ponderosa Pine tree. Wilderness stream and rocks. Snow and frost on trees on sunny day. Ice and snow along creek. Sun on snow covered trees at Lolo Pass. Close up of trillium flower petals and stamen. Globe flowers in snow in springtime. Harebell flower blossom. Rain storm in eastern Montana plains. Strawberry Creek in Bob Marshall Wilderness. Clouds at sunset. Ice and snow in Blackfoot River. Camas flower meadow. Shooting star flowers. Glacier lily. Arnica flower field. Arrow leaf balsamroot flowers and blue sky. Bitterroot flowers in rocks. Pasque flowers in forest. Pussy toe flowers. Blanket flower blossom. Yellow monkey flower. Lupine flowers. Sunlight on canyon wall, rock wall. Ponderosa pine cone close up. Ladyslipper flower. Yellow field and mountain. Huckleberry. Color of the forest. Aspen tree in fall color. Mountain side, rocky mountain wall. Aspen grove in sunlight. Snow falling from trees in forest. Cattail reeds. fireweed. yellow columbine. lupine field. Sun on canyon wall in Smith River drainage. Wild hollyhock flower. Yarrow wildflowers. Bitterroot flower. Prairie smoke wildflower and seed head after blooming. Frosty trees in winter and blue sky. Heavy frost in forest on sunny day. pasque flower. shooting star flower. Larkspur flower and sunrise. Indian Paintbrush flowers. Snow covered tree above snow line. Mountain gentian flowers. Cumulous cloud and mountain. Maple leaf pattern. Orange aspen leaf. Clouds and mountains at sunrise. Golden reflections in Blackfoot River, fall color. Yellow Larch trees in autumn. Snow covered spruce tree and ice crystals in blue sky. Burned trees in a forest, no foliage. Birch trees on lake shore. Ponderosa pine tree trunk. Nine Mile Creek in wester Montana with gold colored trees reflected in creek. Insect hatch in trees along Smith River. lupine flower petal. Elephant-head flowers. Yellowstone River and Canyon in Yellowstone Park. Full moon setting over Bitterroot Mountains. iris flower. Fall color in meadow on Skalkaho Pass in western Montana. Harebell blossom.

Recreation Galleries List
     Fishermen in boat, Fishing Bowman Lake. Kayak Lochsa River.  Hot dog roast open fire, camping, weenie roast on sticks. Boating Flathead Lake. Chinese Wall  Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana. Bear Creek overlook Bitterroot Mountains. Canoe on Missouri River. Cross country skier shadow. Fishermen and raft Clark Fork River Missoula, Montana. Glacier National Park, hiking, mountain pass. Canoe on Flathead River & Mission Mountain. antler sheds in Bison Range, Mission Mountains. gravel road, rural road. Whitewater rafting Lochsa. Whitewater kayaking on Lochsa. Deep snow Lolo Pass. Rural Montana road near Dillon. Flathead Lake pier. North Fork of Flathead River. Double rainbow southwest Montana near Dillon. Canoe on North Fork of Flathead River. Rainbow East Front Rocky Mountains Augusta, Montana. Kayaking Blackfoot River in autumn. Sightseeing. Hot air ballon over Mission Mountains in Montana. Bow of boat on Flathead Lake, red. Boat wake on Flathead Lake. Lamar Valley Yellowstone Park. Boating Flathead River Kerr Dam in Montana. Red tin cup and Chinese wall in Bob Marshall Wilderness, backpacking. Flyfishing the Blackfoot River.

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